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(edit) @1427:5b6b65340693   4 years charnik merge with default branch
(edit) @1365:7cef08972437   4 years charnik updated README file on how to run a specific test
(edit) @1348:b87735624a1c   4 years kostis Modified the pom.xml to use the Aduna's mirror by Ontotext without asking …
(edit) @1337:4dff2f1163d8   4 years psmeros Merge with default branch.
(edit) @1322:8248e96ae606   4 years psmeros Updated my name.
(edit) @1320:4b64f101eb0f   4 years kostis Updated the known issues session with instructions on how a user can …
(edit) @1319:76fb329cb5e9   4 years kostis Updated my email
(edit) @1283:b5fbf3cca0f7   5 years Konstantina.Bereta updated README
(edit) @1281:3ec1c2e8f6d3   5 years Konstantina.Bereta updated README
(edit) @1246:da14a303bf2c   5 years Konstantina.Bereta merge with default
(edit) @1205:079711dfc125   5 years psmeros Typo.
(edit) @1147:5a954ddd0a91   5 years kkyzir Added some information at the Postgres tuning section of the README file. …
(edit) @1130:22d502a6ee1d   5 years psmeros Updated Readme (command to run the tests).
(edit) @1121:3803532cc513   5 years Konstantina.Bereta minor updated to README
(edit) @1118:83f4554eb2aa   5 years kkyzir Flipped the default behaviour of a build regarding testing. By default, no …
(edit) @1079:0b0ef882b198   5 years psmeros Updated README (tester guide).
(edit) @1051:cd170a3682dd   5 years psmeros Updated Readme.
(edit) @1032:8b958fb34f48   5 years psmeros Merge.
(edit) @1031:baf571343765   5 years psmeros Updated Tester Guide.
(edit) @1023:42e2528e44c4   5 years charnik OCD in README
(edit) @1022:b536de0c36b7   5 years charnik updated instructions for building/using Strabon from the command-line and …
(edit) @1009:20ead981bfef   5 years charnik updated README
(edit) @1006:0330ee642c7c   5 years charnik updated README adding information about GeoSPARQL conformance (we are …
(edit) @993:ef00f6eb372b   5 years psmeros Started writing a Tester Guide in README.
(edit) @969:a60fced07da5   5 years charnik typo in README
(edit) @967:cd8b50e4ac90   5 years sgian added link of MonetDB source code in README
(edit) @954:6fac72daf1d3   5 years kkyzir Added a section for tuning Postgres
(edit) @902:742958932e5a   5 years kallirroi added some URIs and namespaces in GeoConstants?, changed geof namespace for …
(edit) @866:c94a157459eb   5 years charnik minor changes to README file
(edit) @846:150e7578f7e2   5 years charnik to build Strabon using maven version <3.0 include also the following …
(edit) @812:14c05dfc64d0   6 years charnik updated README file adding publication for TerraCognita?
(edit) @800:79fcd5bf406e   6 years kkyzir updated readme and changelog
(edit) @640:61c165c2e0b7   6 years kkyzir Merge with default
(edit) @639:46fdd39f45c7   6 years kkyzir * Mentioning GeoSPARQL support * Updated author list
(edit) @627:a1a5e82e6844   6 years sgian Added "Known Issues" section to README, for setting tomcat's connector …
(edit) @554:e3967795041b   6 years charnik added strabon reference in README
(edit) @553:6c155d83168c   6 years charnik update README file adding information about how to apply the MPL license …
(edit) @270:5510e5cd9aac   6 years Michael Sioutis test
(edit) @269:7c16c1e29945   6 years Michael Sioutis test
(edit) @212:00487d7d2849   6 years charnik added homepage of Strabon and rearranged sections
(edit) @211:abbba1660564   6 years charnik filled in AUTHORS and README files
(add) @116:cde1aa4286f9   6 years charnik @Kostis/Manos?: since you distribute Strabon as open source, you have to …
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