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(edit) @937:802e52d68629   5 years charnik minor changes in runChain script
(edit) @933:e9521141694b   5 years charnik corrected identation in script
(edit) @870:3d85e721218c   6 years ggarbis Search Query for TELEIOS system
(edit) @869:895f40934ac7   6 years sgian Added refinement in group by
(edit) @868:441a607b4f49   6 years sgian Changed refineTimePersistence so that the triple "?h noa:refinedBy …
(edit) @867:ec7060ca3c85   6 years ggarbis TimePersistence? creates different URI for each virtual hotspost with …
(edit) @864:1c1b26b37c41   6 years ggarbis Fix to run by default in teleios3
(edit) @862:a0c85ff6a60e   6 years ggarbis Update teleios queries after to conform to function renaming
(edit) @834:5e4a561d0a11   6 years ggarbis fix logging and add comment for example command
(edit) @833:e933de33721c   6 years ggarbis Background data from http
(edit) @832:a472e5d377b4   6 years ggarbis runChain takes hotspots from server and minor changes in comments and …
(edit) @827:bc8d029d2088   6 years ggarbis New version of
(edit) @826:7ebfdbbce0d5   6 years ggarbis Some corrections in queries
(edit) @825:3b3e9ed00cf0   6 years ggarbis Rename file
(edit) @808:299566cf0392   6 years ggarbis Fixing…
(edit) @807:1163025f7c46   6 years ggarbis This version of the query is quick enough
(edit) @805:feaee3e3e582   6 years ggarbis Add some more comments
(edit) @795:bf41e1f04c52   6 years kkyzir * Modified stSPARQL extension function to comply with the OGC Simple …
(edit) @793:86d04cea2906   6 years ggarbis A somehow faster query for discovering fires
(edit) @791:c7afd12bf80f   6 years ggarbis add parameters to for query discoverFires.rq
(edit) @790:ed62904f3a18   6 years ggarbis correct xsd:datetime to xsd:dateTime
(edit) @789:35ee9c800a47   6 years ggarbis minor changes in comments
(edit) @788:2fcae7f5d97d   6 years ggarbis Insert a working query for discovering fires
(edit) @787:ecdbb91999e8   6 years ggarbis example and query files for discoveryFires
(edit) @786:517cca513459   6 years ggarbis Add files for new NOA refinement operation "DeleteReflections?"
(edit) @709:d45be7385224   6 years kkyzir added replaced mbbIntersect by mbbOverlap
(edit) @708:fd5b6c160777   6 years kkyzir changed refinePartialSeaHotspots.rq to use mbbOverlaps instead of …
(edit) @703:a3bce6ed3435   6 years charnik added script in examples/teleios/ directory (working)
(edit) @701:ef738d9a466a   6 years ggarbis add in examples fore iswc2012demo
(edit) @572:9723ad99e922   6 years charnik added option -M for MAX_ACQUISITION_TIME template variable (in …
(edit) @571:0dad447e2c34   6 years charnik added noa:hasAcquisitionTime triple pattern in discovery queries by …
(edit) @569:3980b4ac9276   6 years charnik added discovery queries of hotspots based on refinement operations on them
(edit) @566:81ac0fc6733e   6 years charnik added script under examples/teleios for instantiating NOA …
(edit) @565:8251379cab30   6 years charnik renamed the file extensions of NOA refinement queries from ".sparql" to …
(edit) @564:41246f8ce66e   6 years charnik Changed NOA refinement queries. For operations that "delete" hotspots …
(add) @536:b76d08b43131   6 years kkyzir Reorganized the scripts directory - previous versions were moved to …
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