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(edit) @1528:6cc6a1963350   2 years psmeros Backed out changeset ba8fb069b2ca
(edit) @1486:485e825512e4   3 years charnik added license and comments to script, and also …
(edit) @1484:fdbcb246115b   3 years johnvl #58 added script that is invoked by maven to update the versions in the …
(edit) @1464:cbef557769b4   3 years johnvl Related to bug #58; Debianized strabon runtime component. See more at …
(edit) @1335:2c2e2b77c225   4 years kostis Merging with default branch
(edit) @1246:da14a303bf2c   5 years Konstantina.Bereta merge with default
(edit) @1231:866bf84309ae   5 years ggarbis fix bug about parsing options and using prefixes.sparql with a query …
(edit) @1071:93f5d7b2d3cb   5 years psmeros Endpoint script also supports named graphs and inference.
(edit) @1069:49d07fd6367e   5 years psmeros Added inference option in strabon script.
(edit) @1044:f266f9932ce4   5 years kkyzir Fixed some issues.
(edit) @1042:8495c0c9b597   5 years kkyzir Strabon build fails due to the recent dissapearence of Aduna's maven …
(edit) @940:a1e2561b7c2c   5 years Konstantina.Bereta merge with default
(edit) @916:b58aa113f25e   5 years charnik added query alias "all" for returning all triples
(edit) @900:5a82ff362b8d   5 years charnik added --force-delete as an option to *query* command in strabon script. It …
(edit) @894:06a3145ce606   5 years ggarbis add result format for experiments
(edit) @891:f763cadf03dd   5 years psmeros By the way, merged with default.
(edit) @888:215b5e9647ca   5 years charnik made formats in store case insensitive
(edit) @883:0a6878442590   5 years psmeros Merge with default branch.
(edit) @881:8b8c2efcc293   5 years psmeros Strabon endpoint (script) now supports storing quads.
(edit) @879:47b0fb531588   5 years charnik changed option -MM to take an argument MULT that specifies a multiple of …
(edit) @878:cdfe73ee5c85   5 years charnik added option -MM to strabon script for much much more memory (3072)
(edit) @874:4762a336fc31   5 years psmeros Added nquads format in strabon script.
(edit) @872:74ffcfcb691d   5 years Konstantina.Bereta merge with default
(edit) @828:52396ec09aae   6 years ggarbis endpoint script can handle queries with newlines and comments
(edit) @809:03a464962cbb   6 years charnik modified StoreOp? to accept another optional argument for storing RDF files …
(edit) @801:491074f01e5d   6 years kkyzir * Removed the strdf:anyInteract extension function (end of an era). * …
(edit) @773:20246a8b5544   6 years kkyzir fix
(edit) @772:6b6f0afbc89e   6 years charnik reverted strabon.conf. This is only a template file that has to be copied …
(edit) @770:6aa5f315664a   6 years kkyzir added class and scripts for experiments
(edit) @762:33f3fa561579   6 years Konstantina.Bereta various changes
(edit) @679:af2605b62451   6 years ggarbis add TSV format in strabon script
(edit) @643:b1caa46da857   6 years sgian Now authentication is also required when an update operation occurs. I …
(edit) @642:3135a083daa2   6 years sgian Added user authentication to StoreBean?. The credentials are: username: …
(edit) @636:8dc4cd1c8e8a   6 years sgian Changed endpoint script and added -l option to OPTIONS.
(edit) @633:3a946fc8f0f8   6 years sgian #6 Added maxLimit parameter in the endpoint script. Now, the usage of the …
(edit) @621:2bfb0dc8cbf8   6 years charnik added -m (more memory) and -M (much more memory) in strabon script for …
(edit) @601:56b45b9698e9   6 years kkyzir merge (tags + copyright)
(edit) @594:0889777cd97a   6 years charnik merge with Strabon v3.2.3
(edit) @592:73521cf81d13   6 years manuela.sagona Teleios system version 1.1-1
(edit) @583:86e5ba1d801a   6 years opteleios merge
(edit) @582:e614ad7569c5   6 years kkyzir polishing
(edit) @563:43f6b2907df8   6 years charnik added predefined DESCRIBE (actually CONSTRUCT) query for exporting the …
(edit) @552:b95784675cc7   6 years charnik added licence statement in endpoint/, evaluation/, resultio/, runtime/, …
(edit) @540:b8112bc4fa8d   6 years charnik added license to COPYING file and appropriate statement to endpoint and …
(edit) @536:b76d08b43131   6 years kkyzir Reorganized the scripts directory - previous versions were moved to …
(edit) @529:d9e6882ac11a   6 years ggarbis fix queries for delete in sea with kallikratis etc.
(edit) @528:ee19ee42b46f   6 years ggarbis fix in redeploy script
(edit) @527:99946ae17f9a   6 years charnik UpdateBean?: changes to conform to changeset 499:ef9c43dd2c78. Updated …
(edit) @526:61e60bba1cb0   6 years charnik completed QueryBean? and updated endpoint respectively
(edit) @513:c0f472b25d80   6 years charnik number of acquisitions in half an hour for MSG1 should be 7 and not 11
(edit) @512:4fb3d66649b6   6 years mk Fixed query performing the join with administrative regions. Using the mbb …
(edit) @508:f028b9815056   6 years charnik typos in chain script
(edit) @506:1056efcaa186   6 years charnik one pass over queries in v2.2 and chain script
(edit) @504:b408cde6beca   6 years mk Added scripts according to George's suggestions. Now conforming to URI …
(edit) @503:ae32e022c593   6 years charnik StoreBean?: changes to conform to changeset 499:ef9c43dd2c78. * Completed …
(edit) @501:74f346ca104f   6 years charnik DescribeBean?: changes to conform to changeset 499:ef9c43dd2c78. * Added …
(edit) @494:b51a8e33b86b   6 years charnik merge
(edit) @493:1cf4692447d2   6 years charnik added "-i" option to endpoint script for including prefixes in SPARQL …
(edit) @492:6c92f5b28e76   6 years mk Indices on hash_values and datetime_values now constructed during …
(edit) @491:23a9e69cb926   6 years charnik added option "-i" in strabon script for including the prefixes present in …
(edit) @487:cf5227b6f3af   6 years ggarbis correct triple for binding variable ?hProcessingChain2
(edit) @486:f227e7725f21   6 years charnik added file for including the prefixes when SPARQL querying using endpoint …
(edit) @484:119576ba1127   6 years charnik updated hotspot URLs in script
(edit) @483:6132628057ef   6 years charnik completed DescribeBean? and added "describe" command to endpoint script
(edit) @482:2e35628b10d0   6 years charnik fixed bug in strabon script when projecting all variables appearing in …
(edit) @480:7bad4b0576f9   6 years charnik introduced "describe" command to strabon script and made FORMAT argument …
(edit) @478:27a92cb6315c   6 years charnik execute VACUUM ANALYZE when insertMunicipalities takes a long time
(edit) @471:08d8767b08d5   6 years charnik beautify output
(edit) @470:920ebd41a1a3   6 years pico describe functionality - output format remains to be if/elsed.. i think
(edit) @468:2e3c729225e5   6 years charnik fixed hardcoded values for satellite and sensor. Now these values are …
(edit) @467:88b4d2c21fb0   6 years kkyzir syntax fix SENSOR2-->SENSOR
(edit) @466:c63d7397f50d   6 years kkyzir merge
(edit) @465:515413720e57   6 years kkyzir fix satelite name for msg1_rss
(edit) @464:ebb1e9fb543b   6 years mk No longer only supporting tomcat 7
(edit) @463:e81a36154bb9   6 years charnik made agnostic to MSG type
(edit) @462:38ccf637c762   6 years charnik removed endpoint script from v2.2
(edit) @460:a85f0f7cb00a   6 years kkyzir Acquisitions per half our are 3.0 for msg2 and 7.0 for msg1_rss
(edit) @458:bca9421e4cfc   6 years kkyzir removing log file
(edit) @457:3197adbd785e   6 years kkyzir Adding script that executes the refinement processing chain on NOA data …
(edit) @456:da5b9a0d9659   6 years kkyzir revert parameters
(edit) @455:206040860011   6 years grad1110 chain script fix
(edit) @454:c38041bfcb3d   6 years pico forgot the file
(edit) @453:1caabaa1a742   6 years kkyzir polishing names
(edit) @451:bc689789c911   6 years grad1110 merge
(edit) @450:6eaca20a160a   6 years charnik does not use wget any more. Given a URL …
(edit) @449:2d32cfc2db18   6 years kkyzir fixing parameters
(edit) @448:6010ffe5f67d   6 years kkyzir TimePersistence? query should use a new processing chain
(edit) @447:e9d16ae9cd00   6 years kkyzir merge
(edit) @445:72e7f53f9aca   6 years kkyzir merge
(edit) @444:84b4b77b00fb   6 years kkyzir discover only non-discarded hotspots
(edit) @442:851468b28f69   6 years ggarbis correct gag namespaces
(edit) @441:0570e23421ad   6 years ggarbis correct gag namespace
(edit) @440:7ed217b88b49   6 years charnik removed stderr.log and stdout.log
(edit) @439:4e38d658b9d6   6 years charnik made more portable
(edit) @437:59ae08a0072d   6 years kkyzir fixing gag namespace
(edit) @436:0e9150850e86   6 years mk fixed error in syntax of query
(edit) @434:e4c4b31ef4b6   6 years grad1110 modifications in discover query and the main chain
(edit) @433:8416f5bb7999   6 years grad1110 added invalidfor fires and modified chain script
(edit) @432:3b01363b9d58   6 years grad1110 added the new dump for the initialization of the database
(edit) @431:6072ae2f1b6b   6 years grad1110 updated chain script for all fire seasons
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