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#13 Check all writers with a query containing OPTIONAL when a variable is unbound stella defect critical resultio 3.2.3
#8 Map should be working in localhost as well charnik@… enhancement major endpoint 3.2.3
#9 Display of prefixed queries in Strabon Endpoint psmeros enhancement major endpoint 3.2.3
#10 Visualize query requesting several spatial variables psmeros enhancement major endpoint 3.2.3
#15 KML visualization in Strabon Endpoint and page layout psmeros enhancement minor endpoint 3.2.3
#16 Update connection details in Strabon Endpoint on the fly charnik task minor endpoint 3.2.3
#17 Adding layers in a map in Strabon Endpoint roi enhancement minor endpoint 3.2.3
#11 Remember the selected options in the drop-down menus in Strabon Endpoint somebody enhancement trivial endpoint 3.2.3
#12 Table in KML description (balloon) should be horizontal and not vertical charnik@… enhancement trivial endpoint 3.2.3
#14 Visualize the HTML table in HTML view somebody defect trivial resultio 3.2.3
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