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#72 Incorrect results when a grounded (no variables) spatial function occurs in the SELECT clause in combination with FILTER NOT EXISTS patterns in the WHERE clause charnik defect major generaldb 3.2.10

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#51 strdf:transform: java.lang.NullPointerException when the first argument (geometry) is not bound stella defect major generaldb all
#58 Strabon goes Debian giannis enhancement major runtime
#65 Strabon Endpoint does not correctly encode/decode the query parameter (SPARQL query) charnik defect major endpoint all
#66 Resolution of strdf:contains(strdf:period, xsd:dateTime) when the second argument is a variable is not working pyravlos-team defect major generaldb 3.2.9
#73 Incorrect results when strdf:buffer is applied on a constant geometry in the SELECT clause giannis defect major postgis 3.2.10
#53 CONSTRUCT and DESCRIBE queries that include UNION in WHERE clause, don't return results. charnik defect minor generaldb all
#71 When projecting on a geometry literal and have it also as an argument to a spatial function, its label is constructed in the client side leading to confusion as to which of the two WKT datatypes should be used charnik defect minor endpoint 3.2.10

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#52 Javascript inclusions tidy up in Strabon Endpoint's welcome page pyravlos-team defect minor endpoint all
#56 Firefox - Results on map pyravlos-team defect minor endpoint
#63 Strabon Logo Pepi Zafeiri task minor endpoint
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