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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#39 Completion of RDFS Entailment Extension of GeoSPARQL assigned mple defect major Strabon v3.2.11
#42 Remove the strabon.sesame maven repository new pyravlos-team defect major
#57 Store from Uri Input - not working for Windows paths. assigned gstam defect major Strabon v3.2.11
#84 Deprecate QueryRewriter new pyravlos-team enhancement major
#18 Visualize WKT/GML geometry in Strabon Endpoint assigned pyravlos-team enhancement minor
#20 Make Strabon Endpoint publicize the details for using it as a service assigned charnik task minor
#36 Postgres configuration new pyravlos-team enhancement minor
#52 Javascript inclusions tidy up in Strabon Endpoint's welcome page new pyravlos-team defect minor Strabon v3.3
#56 Firefox - Results on map new pyravlos-team defect minor Strabon v3.3
#63 Strabon Logo new Pepi Zafeiri task minor Strabon v3.3
#86 geof:distance not calculated correctly in ORDER BY clause new tioannidis defect minor
#87 Inconsistencies with CRS URI in queries with FILTER clauses containing geospatial functions new tioannidis defect minor
#29 Visualization of geometries new pyravlos-team enhancement trivial
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