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#1 Problematic query evaluation if storing has been performed in same Strabon connection assigned ggarbis defect major
#39 Completion of RDFS Entailment Extension of GeoSPARQL assigned mple defect Strabon v3.2.11 major
#42 Remove the strabon.sesame maven repository new pyravlos-team defect major
#48 Problematic execution when a nested spatial function occurs inside a FILTER assigned giannis defect Strabon v3.2.11 major
#54 Support multiple time zones for temporal data assigned mple enhancement Strabon v3.2.11 major
#57 Store from Uri Input - not working for Windows paths. assigned gstam defect Strabon v3.2.11 major
#59 Support xsd:dayTimeDuration function. assigned mple enhancement Strabon v3.2.11 major
#72 Incorrect results when a grounded (no variables) spatial function occurs in the SELECT clause in combination with FILTER NOT EXISTS patterns in the WHERE clause assigned charnik defect Strabon v3.3 major
#76 ST_Transform over nested BGP throws an exception new pyravlos-team defect LEO Y1 review major
#84 Deprecate QueryRewriter new pyravlos-team enhancement major
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