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#68 Coordinates in geometry literals (strdf:WKT, geo:wktLiteral) are not interpeted in the correct order as implied by their associated CRS pyravlos-team defect critical generaldb 3.2.9
#28 Named graphs elaiza enhancement major endpoint-client all
#34 Spatial functions in SELECT mple defect major postgis
#44 Geometries with wktLiteral datatype in SPARQL queries are not interpreted in the correct CRS elaiza defect major generaldb all
#67 Geometry literals with datatype geo:wktLiteral are not interpeted using the correct CRS pyravlos-team defect major generaldb 3.2.9
#69 A parse error or an exception in general is not thrown when the select clause contains an invalid geometry literal charnik defect major endpoint 3.2.9
#70 strdf:srid and geof:getSRID functions do not work in the SELECT clause for constant geometry literals pyravlos-team defect major generaldb 3.2.9
#45 Strabon hangs when a ternary spatial function is the argument of a unary spatial function giannis defect minor postgis all
#49 URL decode is not done properly in Strabon Endpoint (StoreBean) kalkan defect minor endpoint all
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