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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#1 Problematic query evaluation if storing has been performed in same Strabon connection component1 defect ggarbis assigned 05/24/12
#42 Remove the strabon.sesame maven repository endpoint defect pyravlos-team new 04/18/13
#84 Deprecate QueryRewriter endpoint all enhancement pyravlos-team new 03/27/17
#76 ST_Transform over nested BGP throws an exception postgis all LEO Y1 review defect pyravlos-team new 11/10/14
#39 Completion of RDFS Entailment Extension of GeoSPARQL endpoint all Strabon v3.2.11 defect mple assigned 04/10/13
#48 Problematic execution when a nested spatial function occurs inside a FILTER generaldb Strabon v3.2.11 defect giannis assigned 09/06/13
#57 Store from Uri Input - not working for Windows paths. endpoint Strabon v3.2.11 defect gstam assigned 06/03/14
#54 Support multiple time zones for temporal data runtime Strabon v3.2.11 enhancement mple assigned 12/12/13
#59 Support xsd:dayTimeDuration function. evaluation Strabon v3.2.11 enhancement mple assigned 06/17/14
#72 Incorrect results when a grounded (no variables) spatial function occurs in the SELECT clause in combination with FILTER NOT EXISTS patterns in the WHERE clause generaldb 3.2.10 Strabon v3.3 defect charnik assigned 09/20/14
#75 GeoJSON "properties" attribute is not serialized correctly resultio all defect charnik assigned 10/29/14
#80 Spatial filter combined with UNION may throw exception postgis defect pyravlos-team new 06/12/15
#86 geof:distance not calculated correctly in ORDER BY clause endpoint defect tioannidis new 11/13/17
#87 Inconsistencies with CRS URI in queries with FILTER clauses containing geospatial functions endpoint defect tioannidis new 11/14/17
#18 Visualize WKT/GML geometry in Strabon Endpoint endpoint enhancement pyravlos-team assigned 09/13/12
#36 Postgres configuration endpoint all enhancement pyravlos-team new 04/01/13
#37 GeoSPARQL WKT/GML vocabulary postgis all enhancement pyravlos-team new 04/01/13
#61 Import Sesame's SPARQL 1.1 test suite runtime all enhancement pyravlos-team new 06/28/14
#20 Make Strabon Endpoint publicize the details for using it as a service endpoint 3.2.4 task charnik assigned 10/10/12
#50 Request for accessing ST_X and ST_Y as extension functions from stSPARQL generaldb all Access PostGIS functions from stSPARQL enhancement pyravlos-team new 09/26/13
#77 Problematic result using Aggregates evaluation LEO Y1 review defect mple new 11/19/14
#52 Javascript inclusions tidy up in Strabon Endpoint's welcome page endpoint all Strabon v3.3 defect pyravlos-team new 10/13/13
#56 Firefox - Results on map endpoint Strabon v3.3 defect pyravlos-team new 03/04/14
#63 Strabon Logo endpoint Strabon v3.3 task Pepi Zafeiri new 07/14/14
#81 Casting a double value to a string does not produce the expected result (value) generaldb 3.3.1 defect pyravlos-team new 09/03/15
#29 Visualization of geometries endpoint all enhancement pyravlos-team new 03/20/13
#60 Instructions for installing Strabon on Windows platforms runtime all Strabon v3.2.11 enhancement kalkan assigned 06/28/14
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